Chairman’s message

Rapid growth of world`s internet population and adoption of ICT in different sectors have reshaped the way of communication in the business world. Speed, efficiency, effectiveness, and other uniqueness of the technology made it as the fastest adopted and diffused technology and demand utilizing its potentials to the development of trade and commerce.

Since its inception in Bangladesh, the use of e-commerce has grown exponentially. From governments to multinational companies to one-person start-ups, e-commerce is increasingly viewed as a key business modality of the future. At Greenflux we want to be part of that future.

We are all challenged in the business world. We all want to be part of a team that leaves a legacy and is remembered for years on what we want to accomplish. At Greenflux, I am proud to be part of an excellent team that strives on overcoming any challenges for attaining success

Greenflux is committed to create progressive approaches to its operations and services that will eventually contribute in satisfying customers of Bangladesh.

Greenflux is a consumer oriented company that is developing in order to be the one stop solution to every aspect of this service industry in Bangladesh.

A dream of few young entrepreneurs whose ideas joined together is how Greenflux is born. Please visit our website and help us in establishing our dream.